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kunst, creativiteit en lifestyle vanuit het perspectief van een kunstenaar #4

Yesterday I was with thw Wise Women’s group and I decided to wright some more about it 





I am waiting outside in the rain, for my friend to pick me up to go to the wise women’s group. It has been 2 months since I was there, because of a holiday  I spent abroad, in Greece. 


The rain doesn’t bother me, because I know we will have a great evening together. Not knowing what there is to come. Sharing about what happened in our lives starts already in the car. Like for instance, I am dating and at a point, I stop playing, get silent and hide because I am scared to get hurt again.  Which gets me stuck and feeling imprisoned. My friend shares too and gives me the whole picture of the passing of a dear friend.  And more…


Every month on a Monday we gather in a house in the middle of Holland with 8/10 women.
To be powerful, to be heard and to bond with each other on a level of being. I love it, it is so valuable.
Listen to what there is, nothing to fix, nothing to change.

We see each other in one another. We listen for each other and with each other.
A night with acknowledgement and humor. Sharing about who you can be in the world. About accomplishments or struggles you have with life throwing things at you. And dealing with it powerfully, in the listening of each other.

Being a woman with other women, being extraordinary in being human.

With nice tea and food, just a beautiful gathering to look forward to every month: my wise women’s group.


We women do bond, like a sisterhood. 

The notion that strong friendships with powerful women can help women get ahead, refers to the way that being around fabulous women makes you more likely to be fabulous too. 

I am wondering, what do you do to be present in life and to experience the power of community together with women.




“There’s nothing quite like a lady power team.”

I was just thinking of this song all the time. It brings old memories back, I am  loving it. Hope you can enjoy it too.